Minecraft Mods pe Lucky Blocks Free Download

Minecraft Mods pe Lucky Blocks Free Download The Minecraft Mods adds a new block to the game called a Lucky Gold Block. When mining the new block it can drop diamonds, gear and many other awesome items. The minecraft lucky block mod pe can also spawn (hostile & friendly) mobs and even structures which you can enter in lucky block mod minecraft pe in Minecraft Pocket Mod Apk

The Lucky Gold Block becomes a fun entity of the game everytime you find it as you never know what it got in store for you!

Ported by: Tom Bailey
Creator: PlayerInDistress

What are the type of blocks and items the Lucky Blocks can spawn?

Almost any item and block can be dropped. It’s all based on a random algorithm in Minecraft 0.11.0.

Sometimes you will be unlucky and a dangerous mob like a zombie will spawn. Never stand too close!

Minecraft Mods pe Lucky Blocks

At other times when you are more lucky gold, iron and other valuables can appear in Minecraft Hacked Apk.

lucky block mod pe

Where can I find the Lucky Gold Block and when does it drop what?

The minecraft pe lucky block mod can be found naturally spawned in the world and you can also choose to craft it. To craft it you will need 4 gold ingots and a dropper.

As the name of the block suggests it’s all about being lucky in minecraft pe lucky block mod. The whole point of the new block is to surprise you with something. What that something is depends on how lucky you are Minecraft pe All Skins Unlocked Apk

Minecraft Mods pe Lucky Blocks Free Download

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